A1. Goblet Squat; 8-10×3; Rest 60 seconds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAu6b-KcK0U

Used 20kg KB this time. Last time used a 20#DB. This time was wayyyy better form and more ROM in hips and L ankle πŸ™‚
A2. Deadbugs; 8-10×3; Rest 60 seconds – http://www.tonygentilcore.com/blog/deadbugs-the-what-why-and-how/

These are feeling much stronger. I can feel my low back really glued to the floor. Working on improving the rhythm of my breath through the movement.
B1. Split Squat; 8-10×3; Rest 60 seconds – http://robertsontrainingsystems.com/blog/the-90-90-split-squat/

Stronger as well and hip flexors not as tight.

B2. Side Plank clamshell; 8-10x3side x2; Rest 60 seconds – give it a good 3-4 second pause on the top – http://www.mikereinold.com/2011/08/side-plank-clam-and-side-plank-hip-abduction-exercises.html

These are really getting my cheeks fired up with the longer focused hold at the top.
C1. Push ups off bench or rack; 1-12 reps x3; Rest 60 seconds

Elevated 6 inches on plates. Getting better with the elbows in the “Arrow” position.
C2. Seated External rotations @3010; 6-8/arm x3; Rest 60 seconds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpQspgZW5CM use weight plate since you might not have proper DB’s for this

Used 10# DB, was using 5 before. Lots of popping and crackling in the right shoulder, but no pain just a burn. Maybe a 7.5# DB would be better for now…

Although very tired and feeling unmotivated today, everything felt stronger and more stable! Making progress πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “2014-07-27

  1. why unmotivated? what’s going on

    Michael Bann OPT Strength and Conditioning Coach OPT | International Center for Fitness 16573 N 92 St #135, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Office: 480-699-3045


    • I’ve just had a stressful very busy week at work. Towards the end of my 7 days i tend to get tired and feel like i just want to come home and chill. Once I get moving Im fine. I find a few nights of not enough sleep really sap my energy and motivation. Just something I have to learn to manage I think.


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