A. RFESS @ 30X1; 6-8/leg x 4; Rest 90 sec btwn legs

Used 22.5# DB in both hands for this and had rear foot elevated on a bench. Felt good, balance feels better than before. Chose weight based on what I had 2 of, need to get a better selection of DBs.

B. CGBP @ 40X0; 5-7 x4; Rest 90 sec

First set: 65# Did 4 working sets @ 85# 

All sets felt good, very controlled lowering. On lowering there was lots of crackling in my right Acromioclavicular area, but no pain.

C. WTD Glute Bridge @ 11X5; 6-8 x4; Rest 100 sec

All sets at 85# this was tough for the last few seconds of the hold at the top. Good engagement and contraction in the glutes.


2-3 Sets

500 m all out row

Rest 8 minutes

Ended up doing 3 – 2 minutes all out as the display is still not working properly. This was a challenge! My lungs were on fire!  



40 mins @ 80%

100 meter farmer walk

50 single skips

This was soooo hard on the grip and impossible for me to do the FW unbroken! Although, I did get the skips unbroken 🙂

The first 4 rounds I did with a 24 kg KB in each hand, but I was really struggling with the grip. Knowing I had 40 mins to do I changed to a 22.5 # DB in each hand. Still couldn’t get the 100 m unbroken, but kept going until the DBs released from my hands.

Times for each round as follows for a total of 17 rounds:

2:30, 2:22, 2:42, 2:29, 2:28, 2:29, 2:21, 2:31, 2:25, 2:35, 2:35, 2:30, 2:45, 2:22, 2:33, 2:24, 2:14

Last 4 rounds I really hustled, but stopped a few times to give the grip a break. Was tricky doing single skips as I am used to double unders, really had to focus on coordination for the first few!

+ rested actively approx 7 mins 

20 sets @ 80% 

30 sec Row

30 sec rest

All sets within 1 sec or terminate. 

The display on my rower crapped out on me so I just went until I felt a noticeable slow down in my pace each 30 sec interval. I went to 14 rounds and decided to terminate based on my pace. 


Since we left home ive been surfing, stand up paddle boarding all day or hiking along with some short mountain bike rides as well.  Feels great to get some exercise just playing and enjoying nature 🙂 did a little yoga on the beach before surfing to stretch out. Feeling very relaxed destressing completely!


45 min RTW

So today I went for a hike in the woods with the dogs and counted it as my 45 min RTW. The walk was more like 60 mins though. Lots of varied terrain, hills etc….

This week of nights has me messed up! I’m beat and am finding it hard to muster the energy to do anything other than sleep and get my food prepped. Taking it for what it is. Hope I have a quiet night tonight so I can get a wko in tomorrow am before bed.


This was the workout from the 4th… I’m a little behind since getting home from AZ and adjusting to working nights.

A. Deabugs; 20 alternating sides per rep x4; Rest 60 seconds – real slow and controlled

B. Side Plank clamshells; 20 per side x4; Rest 60 seconds

C. 1-arm KB rack squat @40×1; Max quality reps PER arm x4; Rest as needed

D. DB Incline Trap 3 raise @1116; 2-4×5; Rest as needed – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGghJxgKAjs

Everything felt good today, the Deadbugs are getting more soild in terms of core and awareness of not letting my hip move into flexion when I lower the opposite leg. The 1 Arm KB rack squat was challenging for the obliques 🙂 used a 9 kg KB to get more reps in, 10-12 each side. The trap raises I had to do one arm at a time as I only have 1 3# DB. Will get a pair so I can do these together. It took a while to do them, but single arm allowed me to focus completely on the one side. Major burn in my lower traps holding!