40 mins @ 80%

100 meter farmer walk

50 single skips

This was soooo hard on the grip and impossible for me to do the FW unbroken! Although, I did get the skips unbroken 🙂

The first 4 rounds I did with a 24 kg KB in each hand, but I was really struggling with the grip. Knowing I had 40 mins to do I changed to a 22.5 # DB in each hand. Still couldn’t get the 100 m unbroken, but kept going until the DBs released from my hands.

Times for each round as follows for a total of 17 rounds:

2:30, 2:22, 2:42, 2:29, 2:28, 2:29, 2:21, 2:31, 2:25, 2:35, 2:35, 2:30, 2:45, 2:22, 2:33, 2:24, 2:14

Last 4 rounds I really hustled, but stopped a few times to give the grip a break. Was tricky doing single skips as I am used to double unders, really had to focus on coordination for the first few!

+ rested actively approx 7 mins 

20 sets @ 80% 

30 sec Row

30 sec rest

All sets within 1 sec or terminate. 

The display on my rower crapped out on me so I just went until I felt a noticeable slow down in my pace each 30 sec interval. I went to 14 rounds and decided to terminate based on my pace. 


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