I liked this wko a lot. I did pushups from a bench and had perfect form 🙂 haven’t done any push press in ages so the dip drive portion felt odd!


2k row –  this felt a bit weak. I tried to sprint my last 250m, but was pretty gassed out by about 125m!




A. CGBP @3030; 8-10×3; Rest 90 seconds
B. Push ups; 100 for time – off bench or anywhere else, just make sure you have great technique, no worming in the low back
10 sets
60 second row
60 second rest
– all sets same “pace”

Well,  I really loved the rowing! Went fast outta the gate then remembered my goal was to keep pace.
CGBP feels good and strong 🙂 not as much snap, crackle coming from my shoulders.
The pushups however, were very humbling! I did 15 full pushups unbroken off the hop then struggled through the rest from a bench in sets of 7s , 5s and 2s.
Question..   When I have my A, B type lifts should I be doing warm up sets? Just in the case of say a 90 sec rest after exercise A is complete should I rest the 90 sec then do a warm up set or two of exercise B before going on to the working sets for B?


A. KB single arm rack squat; 8-10/arm x3; Rest 30 seconds between arms
24kg KB x 10s
B. Deadlift @40×1; 6-8×4; Rest 90 seconds
95, 115, 135, 135 x 8s all sets
For time: 5:10:14
60 second hard row-274 meters
12 kb swings-24kg
15 burpees
12 kb swings
60 second hard row-259 meters
15 minutes easy row
3086 meters

This was all kinds of different awesome! And by that I mean suck 🙂
* KB Rack squats were tough. When racked on the left side noticed my foot would want to turn outward on that side and some pulling in the medial arch of the foot on the same side.
* Deadlifts were great! Used a mixed grip on the last set to get the 8 reps.
* Lung burner of a little workout! Had to stop a few times and catch my breath!
* Row was the hardest part – all mental! A real challenge for me to stay strapped in there.

Thank you! This was a great one,  got a good sweat and didnt feel awful at the end… Although, today stairs are a bit of a challenge 🙂


A. DB RFESS @30×1; 6-8/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs
25# DBs in each hand for 8 reps/leg
B. Jumping Pull up negatives @40×1; AMRAP (-2) x3 sets; Rest 90 seconds – max reps at specific tempo 3,3,2
4 rounds for time
200 meter jog
20 front rack step ups – grinder effort, you pick weight
10 ring rows
This was soooo hard for me today for some reason! The jog was more like a run pace for the first round,  then ended up sucking Wind for the remaining 3! Step ups started with a 15kg bar, then decreased to a 25# DB held in the goblet style. These were up on a 20 inch box and were very tough in terms of balance and strength on the left side particularly. The pull up negatives were very challenging as well. My tempo was more like 30×1. Kept having sharp cramp like pains in both lats while holding the contraction and lowering slowly.
Got a good sweat on and a bit of a lung burn 🙂 ps my jogging needs serious improvement!


A1. Deadlift @30×1; 12-15×3; Rest 60 seconds
115/115/115 x 13 reps
A2. Side Plank; Max hold per side x3; Rest 60 seconds
R side/L side = 60/60, 54/43, 53/43 seconds
B1. WTD Glute Bridge @11×5; 10-12×3; Rest 60 seconds
80# x 12 reps
B2. FLR; Max hold x3; Rest 60 seconds
101/104/54 seconds
5 sets
30 seconds AD all out
3:30 rest
Did rowing instead because the gym didn’t have an Ad. Phone died didn’t record the meters.
This felt great,  deadlifts were a challenge at this tempo.