A1. KB Rack Squat @30×1; 6-8×4; Rest 45 seconds
Used a 36# sandbag for all 4 sets. No two kbs of the same weight to use. Felt better than the first time doing them. Lots of crackling in the left ankle,  but no pain.

A2. CGBP @30×1; 6-8×4; Rest 45 seconds
65#, 85#, 85#, 85#
Was challenging to lower slowly. No pain  in the Ac joint and less
Crackles than the other day 🙂

B1. KB Rack step ups; 8-10/leg x3; Rest 45 seconds
These were very challenging  and not so pretty as you’ll see on the left side! Did right and left back to back,  hope that was the intention.  On the left step up I just feel like I have no muscle recruitment. My brain is telling my muscles to move, but they aren’t responding.  Very tight in the hip and glutes on the left side. Everything feels very tight in the socket.

B2. Pendlay Row; 6-8×4; Rest 45 seconds
These felt awesome!  85# across all sets.

C1. Barbell Curls @3030; 6-8×4; Rest 45 seconds
15kg bar was plenty to keep the tempo.

C2. Deadbugs; 20 x4 sets; Rest 45 seconds
These are still hard! I do feel an improvement in my core engagement everytime I do them.  Yay progress 🙂

4 sets
45 seconds max effort row
Rest 3:00
Display still on the fritz so no distances to report. Felt stronger than yesterday.

You’ll have to excuse the cooler for a bench!  Lol looking for the right one, until I find one that works in a pinch!


3 thoughts on “2014-09-01

  1. Ok tried to upload videos but that was a major fail! Lol im tech illiterate. They are on my you tube channel jennholm1 if you’d like to have a look. I’ll have to figure out how the upload process works for next time!


  2. haha all good

    my advice…go buy more KB’s 😀 you need them

    also, buy some FMT bands..or what I call “Gray Cook” bands from http://www.performbetter.com they’ll help you A MILLION fold..we have one of each at OPT and they are invaluable to programming for people 🙂

    Michael Bann OPT Strength and Conditioning Coach OPT | International Center for Fitness 16573 N 92 St #135, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Office: 480-699-3045


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