45 mins @ 70% aerobic effort

100 meter farmer walk 35# DB per hand

20 meter bear crawl – http://youtu.be/rgNLxHI2fWM

20 Deadbugs – My version…. http://youtu.be/NQghWFuiVs0


60 Second row

Another great workout for me! Just enough of a challenge, heart rate definetly got up for the full duration.

~ Should I be keeping my hips lower for the bear crawl? They felt low until I watched the video. I also noticed the tendency on my right side for the hand to turn outward, possibly compensating for the right shoulder business…

~ Deadbugs are still very challenging! After watching the link you sent me, I think I could slow things down even more. My low back is pressing into the floor: although, on the video it looks as if I’m giving in to the APT a little.

I’m enjoying these pieces that I can do outside because it won’t be long now unitl the snow arrives and I’m stuck training inside 😦



4 thoughts on “2014-09-05

  1. hip height is a smidge high on the bear crawl, i’d actually challenge you to put something on your hips, that will force you to not wobble so much 🙂

    deadbugs could be a bit slower, put a 5# plate on your abs and make sure you constantly press into that plate, see if that helps at all.

    Michael Bann OPT Strength and Conditioning Coach OPT | International Center for Fitness 16573 N 92 St #135, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Office: 480-699-3045


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