A1. Deadlift @30×1; 12-15×3; Rest 60 seconds
115/115/115 x 13 reps
A2. Side Plank; Max hold per side x3; Rest 60 seconds
R side/L side = 60/60, 54/43, 53/43 seconds
B1. WTD Glute Bridge @11×5; 10-12×3; Rest 60 seconds
80# x 12 reps
B2. FLR; Max hold x3; Rest 60 seconds
101/104/54 seconds
5 sets
30 seconds AD all out
3:30 rest
Did rowing instead because the gym didn’t have an Ad. Phone died didn’t record the meters.
This felt great,  deadlifts were a challenge at this tempo.


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