This felt good 🙂 had to use a mixed grip on the last deads my grip was giving out.

First row :


Then I looked at my last 2k row time and realized it was 4 sec faster….

2nd Row:


So on the second row I beat it by 1 second 🙂



45 min RTW unstructured

Did a bunch of Kettlebell work. No real structure or order. Just went and would stop just before my form deteriorated. Roughly 30-45 sec each movement. Airdyne was 60 sec
1 arm snatches 9kg
Kb stalls 20kg
2 hand swing 20kg
1 arm alt. swing 9kg
Goblet Squat 9kg

Felt really good! Hot a nice sweat going 🙂



Front squats were awesome! Felt it more in my torso than my legs which is a nice change 😉

Rows were good. Switched the weight back down as my form was not great on the set of 115#. Need 5# increment plates!

So the bear crawl was horribly hard! My quads and lungs were burning! Probably could have got 2 full rounds plus but my neighbor stopped to chat curious as to why I was crawling on the sidewalk in the pitch dark! Lol

My pull up are still feeling so weak 😦 hard for me to keep to the 3 sec tempo but I’m really trying hard to!

What should I be doing after my workouts? Anything specific in terms of cooling down and rolling type stuff? This past week my recovery has felt like crap! My legs hips and low back just don’t feel like they’re recovering at all before the next wko. Not complaining tho! I just feel like my recovery could / should be better.



Well this was humbling and tough! I used to be a star at wall walks and could bearly do them today. When I would get to the point where my hands were a foot away from the wall my right elbow became very shakie and unstable. I only did the walk as far as I felt safe. I always felt there was something  not right in my elbow on this side since I injured my “shoulder” on this side… Maybe my elbow is the culprit.  Same with my arm overhead and weighted. It’s a feeling that my elbow is going to give in or hyper extend. For some reason I had a brain fart and forgot to record the rounds for the first one..  More than 5 but less than 8 I would say!

Oh,  btw my legs are so freaking sore today! Thank you 🙂



This was the workout from yesterday….
So the first part I could have done heavier on the CGBP,  but I’m not set up to have two loaded bars on a rack at a time so I had to improvise. This made my transition between movements long and a bit awkward but I’m fairly happy with how it went. Squating with weight felt awesome, but a bit weird! Haven’t done that in ages.

Second part… The lunges were hard! I did 1.5 pood for the first round but my form was crap! Switched to a 1 pood for the remaining rounds.