I could feel that I haven’t done these RFESS in a while! The left leg was a bit weaker than the right.

Press was interesting! Lots of pop crackles in my shoulders on these ones. Not painful, just noticing. I wish I had used heavier weight in the end once I got then dialed.

Major improvement on the negative pull ups! Yay I could hold the contraction and lower for the correct tempo on all reps and sets! Wall walks much better than last few times. Still not making contact with chest to wall but getting closer everytime 🙂 I need to regain faith in my shoulders I think.

Row felt really good. My 4th and 5th sets were my fastest/strongest just by feel. Still waiting on my display so no distances for you 😦


3 thoughts on “2014-11-24

    • Yes for sure I’ve been really cautious. It’s so odd, my bad shoulder was the right and now I’m having issues with the left. I am so upper trap dominant and my pec minor is brutal! I’ve been trying to get regular massage and acupuncture. Any other suggestions from your end? I’m working on on being aware of my posture as well.


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