Well this was a good one! When I’m on nights and I wko before my shift (usually around 2pm) I don’t have time to eat and digest enough prior to my wko. I found this one hard to do on an empty stomach! The burpees gassed me out! The pull ups felt much stronger,  making improvement there 🙂 I had to slow them down a little after the first few sets in order to keep the decent slow and controlled. Funny but the last two sets felt the easiest. Lol Thank you!




This was a gooder! The burpees nearly killed me!
I did strict K2E very slow and controlled from a box. I wasn’t quite confident in dead hanging yet. Pull ups were way way stronger than before 🙂 very slow and controlled lower all the way down. Happy 🙂



Today I had no appetite! So pretty happy with these numbers considering I barely ate all day! I could have gotten 100# for the shoulder press but the gym I went to didn’t have any fractional plates just 5#s.

The deadlift wasn’t a pr but pretty happy considering I haven’t tested my maxes in a while 🙂

Plus side… The rower had a display that works! Tried to keep my pace similar. Was a nice way to end the wko.