Ride the bike for 60 mins and every 5 mins alternated with 10 air squats and 10 sit ups.

I had to deviate from your programming. I can’t grip press or pull with my wrist. Still having a lot of pain.



30 min RTW
Did AD and every 5 mins did max plank hold from elbows. I had to skip day 2 and did day 3 today. I injured my wrist/forearm on the weekend chipping ice. I just wanted to let it heal,  can’t really grip or press without pain 😦 hope it gets better fast! Until then improvising I guess.



Deadlift felt good today. My legs are sore from the last few days!
I couldn’t do reverse bear crawls 😐 not enough room in the garage and its freaking cold outside! Had to get creative on the RTW… I chipped ice and shovelled a bunch yesterday and my wrist and forearm are sore so couldn’t really grip DBs or KBs. Going for acupuncture and massage tomorrow 😉


A. DB RFESS @3010; 8RM per leg
30# DB per hand
B. Side Plank; max time per side
Left side = 50 sec
Right side = 47 sec
30 sets
30 second row 90% aerobic effort
30 seconds rest
– all sets same pace


The planks were tough today! I keep getting a sharp pain in my traps when I do the planks. This is what makes me buckle! Tried to retract and depress my scapula but that didn’t help too much 😦

The row sets were between 2:10 & 2:13 /500 meter pace. This felt good,  a nice little sweat 🙂


A. FS build to a 1rm in 20 mins
165# failed on 175#

B. Strict Press build to a 1 rm in 10 mins or less
105# failed on 115# no 2.5# plates 😦

C. 1rm pull up
1 pull up! Lol my hands are so blistered from that row I could barely hang on to the bar.

D. DB seated press 3010, 6rm
35# per arm

This was eyeopening. I was disappointed with my front squat but pleasantly suprised with my strict press 🙂 I need to get better at pull ups that single was a struggle.