A. Segmented Snatch DL; 3,3,3,3,3; Rest 2-3 minutes, keep bar back, lats tight, stay over bar longer.
B. Half kneeling RNT Barbell BTN Press; 4-6/side x4; Rest 75 seconds between sides
C. BS; 3,3,3,3; Rest 2-3 minutes
D. Trap 3 raise @1113; 2-3×5; Rest as needed
2 sets
7 KB swings 2 pood – russian
10 no push up burpees
300 meter row AFAP
Rest 8:00

– max effort each time

A. 133# all sets just really focusing on staying over the bar and keeping it close

B. 53# for 6 reps each side all sets. This was a challenge! I should have video taped the crazy hokie pokie I had to do to get into this position! Lol surprisingly I thought I would have a harder time with my left side in the band but the right was hardest. 

C. 175, 185, 195, 205 pretty pumped on this! I failed on the third at 205 last time but could have gone for a 4th today 😀

D. 8# DBs for 3 reps all sets. These burn! 


1st set: 1:59

2nd set: 2:01

This was a fantastic little lung burner! The tow nearly killed me! I was gassed at 150m both times! 


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