A1. Goblet Squat; 4-6×4; Rest 60 seconds
A2. Close Grip Bench Press; 4-6×4; Rest 60 seconds
A1. 28kg x 6 x 4 sets
A2. 115# x 6 x 4 sets

B1. KB RFESS @30×1; 4-6/leg x4; Rest 60 seconds
B2. KB Push Press @30×1; 4-6×4; Rest 60 seconds
B1. 30# KB/hand x 6/leg x 4 sets
B2. 30# KB/hand x 6/arm x 4 sets

C1. Skull Crushers; 10-12×4; Rest 20 seconds
C2. Deadbugs with stability ball; 10-12×4; Rest 60 seconds

C1. 35# bar x 12 x 4 sets
C2. These dead bugs were awesome! Way tougher with the ball πŸ™‚ 



Dug in the garden all day! Hard work! Spent most of the day in a deep squat my hips are feeling awesome 😊 

Went for a good hour long rip in the woods on my bike. 


A. Segmented Clean DL + Halting Clean DL; 5.1 x4; Rest 2 minutes

103, 123, 133, 143


B. HSC + Squat Clean; 2.1 x4; Rest 2-3 minutes – pause and pull bar back in the HSC

103, 113, 118, 123 


So I failed on the squat clean in the video and it just so happened to stop filming right before…. But I think my HSCs look better than the previous ones so I’ll take it!  My legs were pooped today! I went for a huge mountain bike ride today 😎 

C1. 1 1/4 FS; 2-3×3; Rest 60 seconds

125# x 3 for all sets 

C2. Oblique sitting; 5/side x3; Rest 90 seconds

D. Jerk recovery; 3,3,3,3; Rest 90 seconds

115, 120, 125, 125 

These felt challenging today! In a good way πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


A. Segmented Snatch DL + Halting Sn DL; 3.3 x5; Rest 2-3 minutes

83, 103, 113, 123, 133

These felt great today 😊 next time heavier but i was really feeling the improvement in form pulling in with my lats so I wanted to go with that. 

B. heaving Snatch Balance; 3,3,3,3,3; Rest 2-3 minutes

63, 65.5, 68, 73, 83

My balance was sketchy on these for the first few but got better as I got heavier…. Go figure! 

C. Paused BS @15×1; build to a tough triple


D. Snatch Push Press w/ 3 second overhead pause + Snatch balance; 3.3 x4; Rest 2-3 minutes

53, 63, 73, 83

I found the snatch balance tricky after their heaving snatch balance. 

Sorry no videos today! Just an aside its been about two hours since I finished my wko and my knees are really stiff and swollen. This seems to happen when I do lots of explosive type movements. Any suggestions for recovery? I used to take ice baths every now and then but I’m interested in your recommendation 😊


A. Segmented Clean DL; 3,3,3,3; Rest 2-3 minutes

123, 133, 143, 153

Felt great really working on activating my abdominal wall as per the DNS videos and didn’t have any low back pinching 😊 

B. HSC; 2,2,2,2,2; Rest 2-3 minutes

113, 118, 123, 123, 123


These felt completely off today I felt really weak! 

C1. FS; 4-6×5; Rest 60 seconds 

95# for 6 reps all 5 sets

C2. Oblique sitting; 8/side x5; Rest 2 minutes 

This was a real challenge and far harder than I expected. My squat definitely felt better! Stronger and more stable. I had lots of popping sounds in my shoulders coming back to the staring position mostly with the right shoulder when reaching with the left arm. No pain just clunking. 

D. Jerk recovery; 3,3,3,3; Rest 90 seconds

73, 83, 103, 103

Overall I had low energy today and was really sucking with the HSC. I did the wko at 6pm and had only eaten breakfast. I’m going to go for a bike ride in the forest and shake this one off!