I was feeling pretty stiff today and had limited time but wanted to get a quick sweat on so I worked on my skipping. My foot work is improving 😊 working on coordination and got a great sweat on. 


2 thoughts on “2015-07-21

  1. YES

    skipping is AWESOME training – most people over look locomotion skills…get a ladder and do some ladder drills

    performbetter.com has them 🙂

    Michael Bann Head Strength and Conditioning Coach OPEX (formerly OPT) 16573 N 92 St #135, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 T: *480-699-3045*

    *michaelbann@opexfit.com *


    • I have one but I don’t use it very often! I just realize doing all this kickboxing how uncoordinated I am! And my skipping is pitiful! I always just used to to double unders and single skips with feet together but now I’m changing it up and it’s going pretty well 😊

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